Holiday Travel Hacks

Posted on 12/23/2019

Holiday Travel Hacks

The holiday season is upon us, and we would like to share some travel hacks to help make it through a bit easier.

1. Bring a reusable straw - Save the planet!

2. Carry a pen - You never know when you'll need one.

3. Always make copies - This is one of the most important thing to remember when traveling. Keep multiple copies of your travel documents Unexpected things come up all the time when traveling, and having these documents handy is a smart idea.

4. Buy Insurance - Travel insurance is always a good idea. This is true especially during the holiday season with irregular weather, cancelled flights... the list goes on.

5. Prepare for the Worst but Hope for the Best - Travel can bring out the best and the worst of us. Prepare for all scenarios by packing wisely, purchasing travel insurance, and having a little more patience as you travel.

6. Airplane Mode - Aside from the fact that airplane mode should be turned on when flight attendants ask you to, there are other benefits to it as well. Turning on airplane mode will save your phone battery and make it last much longer.

7. Make your Bags Stand Out - Picking luggage that is unique can save you time and possibly a headache.

8. Dryer Sheets - Put dryer sheets everywhere to keep everything smelling fresh.

9. Bring a Power Strip or Extension Cord - You'll have more range while devices are charging, and more charging ports.

10. Take the Scenic Route - This will help to avoid traffic messes, and why not take in all of the views from the minute you leave your house?

11. Download Apps That’ll Make Things Easier and More Fun -
Apps are a great way to stay organized and to find things to do in the city you’re visiting. Download anything you think you might need or want before you leave to save on data!

12. Have a Backup of Everything - Make a copy of all your important documents and forms of ID. Also, bring back up batteries and extra of anything that you might easily misplace or lose – think medication or sunscreen.

13. Hack your Breakfast - You will always have access to hot water in a hotel room... instant oatmeal!

14. Bring a Refillable Water Bottle - it can save you money,keep you hydrated, and it's good for the environment. Bring it empty through the airport security and fill afterwards.

15. Pack Light and Smart - You'll be surprised how much less you can survive on than you anticipate.

16.Time Zone Changes and that pesky Jet Lag - Prepare for these ahead of time by adjusting your sleep schedule. Exercise and a little extra caffeine might help.

17. Get to the Airport Early - Just do it! It will alleviate some stress, and will add a buffer should anything go awry.