Kenya - Africa

Posted on 06/01/2020

My first journey to Africa was an experience where pictures just can’t do it justice. It’s a feeling that overcomes you the moment you step off the plane. It all starts with meeting your incredible guide and from there your wonderful journey begins.

The overwhelming excitement of rounding a corner on safari to see your first animal encounter in the wild, the wind in your hair while chasing the elusive lions, the quiet peacefullness you'll notice, the joy, happiness and sincerity of every person you meet, sleeping under a canopy of stars and the incredible sun sets with friends to celebrate the beauty of each day.

THIS is what makes Africa an amazing destination and wonderful experience that you just can’t wait to explore again and again. You will never forget the beautiful scenery that seems to change every single day, the luxury tented camps with so many surprising amenities, the wonderful safari guides who love to share their abundance of knowledge of their beloved land, the bountiful food, the open air safari vehicles, the smell of the savannah, the stories and beautiful handicrafts available from the people and of course the absolutely amazing and abundant wildlife.

It’s all a piece of an exciting adventure that NEVER leaves your soul and will FOREVER be in your memories!

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