River Cruising

Posted on 09/10/2020

What's hot in travel right now? River Cruising! River ships truly afford you the opportunity to see more of the world, visiting intimate, ancient towns and villages that can never be reached by ocean going ships. I love to take some time to walk through the streets of small towns. They have lovely parks, wonderful merchants and interesting people.

Patty C. has been on a number of river cruises. She shared an itinerary from one of the European cruises she sailed on, and some of the highlights.

My favorite river cruises are in Europe. I love the Rhine Valley. The people, scenery, architecture and history are amazing.

One of our cruises started in Amsterdam, Netherlands. We arrive a couple of days before the cruise, so we took a canal boat cruise, had a beer in a local cafe, did some shopping and walked the downtown area. The Rijksmuseum and the Anne Frank House are worth seeing.

Cologne, Germany: Breathtaking Cathedral, shopping local tours, local Kolsch beer

Heidelberg, Germany: Heidelberg Castle, Incline railway ride, shopping, great photo opportunities from castle and bridges

Strasbourg, France: Lovely Cathedral, town square with cafes and shopping, Amazing Christmas market

Lucerne, Switzerland: Sightseeing cruises, outdoor dining, inviting downtown area, photo opportunities at the bridges, Cable car ride to mountaintop resort

Basel, Switzerland: Walking tours, museums, shopping, local dining, Braun Bruin
(Brown Bear) restaurant for local food/beer

Thinking about giving a river cruise a try, or booking your next one? Some final thoughts:

  1. Most first-time river cruisers choose cruises on the Rhine or Danube rivers. Returning cruisers may choose the Moselle, Main or the Douro rivers, which have smaller, more intimate towns and villages with local dining, wine, shops, museums and sightseeing.
  2. Be sure to try some excursions like food and wine tours, castles, museums, automotive tours to BMW and Mercedes-Benz plants and sightseeing tours like the Black Forest.
  3. Take advantage of fitness classes, or bicycles to ride along the river (many cruise lines offer).
  4. Different cruise lines cater to different markets. Talk with your travel advisor about your expectations, and he/she can help figure out the best cruise for you.
  5. Send an extra night or two at the beginning and end of the trip. This will help you get acclimated to the time change, and learn about the port cities. Most cruise lines also offer extensions in nearby cities.

Looking for something a little closer to home? There are some great options for river cruises and small ship cruising in the United States. The Mississippi, Ohio, and Columbia Rivers and Great Lakes are beautiful scenic waterways with vibrant cities and charming towns along the way.

Patty C. is no stranger to river cruising. Contact her to get started on yours!

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