This is Halloween

Posted on 10/12/2020

October brings falling leaves, pumpkin spice, cozy sweaters, bonfires, hay rides... what's not to love this time of year! It might also give you an itch to plan a vacation. Take a look at some of the traditions and celebrations from around the world!

Salem, Massachusetts Nobody does Halloween quite like Salem, MA! Home of the Salem Witch Trials, Salem is known for it's spooky hysteria. If you visit Salem at any point in October, you're sure to get an authentic Halloween Experience. This month long celebration includes haunted happenings, seances, ghosts, ghouls, witches, vampires, and so much more. Be sure to visit the Salem Witch House Museum while you are there.

Oaxaca, Mexico A worthwhile destination any time of the year, but the Day of the Dead is a particularly magical time in this city. Oaxaca is steeped in rich traditions and Dia de Muertos is one of the biggest celebrations of the year. It lasts for three days starting on October 31st. During these three days, the locals believe that the spirits of their loved ones travel from the world of the dead to visit the living.

Derry, Ireland Derry, Northern Ireland - The origins of Halloween lie in the ancient
Celtic festival of Samhain, marking
the end end of the harvest and bringing on the dark half of the year. Halloween is still called Samhain in Ireland and the city of Derry is the center of the best Halloween celebrations in the country. Celebrating all things spooky, the Return of the Ancients Festival runs for nine whole days! Get ready for parades, ghost tours, workshops, scary movies, haunted houses, and a fantastic fireworks display.

Transylvania, Romania Transylvania, Romania conjures up images of haunted castles, Gothic churches and vampires. Where better to spend Halloween than in a 12th-century town, the birthplace of Count Dracula. Transylvania's reality is more one of fairy-tale forests surrounding charming Saxon towns and fortified church steeples poking through the treetops.

Some Tips

  1. If you are planning to visit a destination that highlights a specific holiday or time of year, it is best to plan a year in advance.
  2. Romania is a relatively affordable destination that offers excellent value for the money. The best time to visit Romania is anytime between early April and the end of October.
  3. Visit Ireland during The Cozy Season - October through April for the best values and Irish charm.

Is a Halloween celebration your cup of tea? Let us help you plan an exciting, spooky, and memorable vacation! Reach out to one of our Travel Advisors to get started.

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