Michelle Blandford

Michelle Blandford

Travel Advisor

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Michelle graduated from the Ambassador Institute of Travel in 2016, when she decided that it was time for a new career. Her Chemistry degree from USI and the years spent planning trips for her family and for her daughter's Girl Scout troop have enhanced her love of research and traveling. She really enjoys seeking out new experiences for her family and for others, and helping others make their own new memories. She has been to the Disney World Resort several times, and enjoys visiting the National Parks. She has been to Savannah, Chicago, St. Augustine, San Francisco, Washington DC, New Orleans, and other places around the United States. She is looking forward to much more traveling in the coming years.

When she's not planning a trip somewhere, she is very active volunteering for Girl Scouts, both with her daughter's troop and as a facilitator for the council. She is also involved with her son's Boy Scout troop. She loves to camp with her family and she also volunteers at Girl Scout camp in the summer.